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Retirement Planning

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Everyone wants the financial resources to live well in retirement, but it takes careful preparation. It’s never too early to begin your retirement planning, and Rally Point Financial Group in Tallahassee, FL, is here to help.

What Is Retirement Planning?

You still have financial obligations after retiring, and proper planning can help you meet them with money to spare. We will identify sources of income and your expenses, then implement a strategy to help you reach retirement income goals.

When your Rally Point advisor creates a retirement plan for you, we consider your age, current financial status, and goals. We will present available options for:

Advanced Investment Strategies to Preserve Your Wealth

Customized Strategies to Maximize Your Social Security Benefits

Tax strategies, Including Roth IRA Conversions

Charitable Giving Guidance

Long-Term Care

Retirement Income Strategies

Risk Management

With proper planning, you can have the funds to take trips, engage in fun activities, and enjoy your retirement.

How Can We Help Immediately Before Retirement?

You’ll face many difficult decisions in the five years before retiring. Rally Point Financial Group will offer advice about:

When To Take Social Security Benefits

Transferring Company 401ks Into Tax-Advantaged Accounts

Keeping Life Insurance

Replacing Your Paycheck

Work Retirement Options

We’ll help you determine if you can afford to retire with minimal financial stress.

Why Select Rally Point Financial Group?

We at Rally Point consider your current situation to help you with a customized retirement strategy to reach your goals. To schedule an appointment, call us at (850) 300-7059, submit our contact form, or email us today.

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