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4 Continuing Education Options to Boost Your Business Expertise

4 Continuing Education Options to Boost Your Business Expertise

April 25, 2023

Whether you have been working in your current industry for only a short time or have been in the same field for decades, boosting your education is always an excellent idea. With constantly changing technology and new software coming out every year, you will find that continuing to learn in these areas will improve your overall business knowledge and make you more marketable. While there are many programs to choose from, below are some great options to check out to boost your overall business know-how.

1. Adobe

Adobe is a popular software suite perfect for creatives, including fields such as marketing and graphic design. Adobe programs can help with production, design, and collaboration, and it’s also the go-to software for many graphic designers, video editors, photographers, game developers, and other creative professionals. Adobe offers a paid training subscription that includes pre-recorded training modules that you can access anytime, as well as virtual instructor-led training classes. Completing training in each Adobe program also comes with certification. Earning this designation has become one of the most recognized certifications for creative professionals in the U.S.1

2. edX

If you are looking for business classes at the college level, edX is the perfect place to start. Through edX, you can enroll in free online courses offered by universities and similar higher learning institutions across the world. The classes are accessible at your convenience, so you will have no problem fitting them into a busy schedule. While you will not obtain traditional college credits for completing a course, you will receive a verification certificate once the class has been mastered. This can be added to your resume.1

3. LinkedIn

While you may know that LinkedIn is one of the top social media channels that’s geared toward business networking, you may not know that the site also offers excellent educational opportunities. These include online educational videos on business topics taught by educators, leaders, professionals, and authors. If you want to learn this type of info from home, you will need to pay to subscribe for the premium service. You can also obtain free access at many local libraries.1

4. Grow With Google

Grow With Google is an ideal place to get started with free educational content. This service provides two primary educational platforms: "Grow Your Career" and "Grow Your Business." Both verticals provide free content with information about commonly-asked questions. The platform also offers paid fast-paced training courses, which will provide certification in courses to help users grow their personal careers or increase and develop their businesses.2

Whether you are looking to continue your education to further your career or want to grow your business, there are plenty of online places to find useful training and knowledge to help you continue to move forward with your goals.

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